Your opinion is all that matters.

We Are News provides you with links to impartial, factual articles from trusted publications, giving you insight into national, regional, local, and digital events without taking a side. Our role is to inform your conversations by providing you with food for thought, not to tell you what to think.

Over the last few years, malicious parties have created countless news aggregation websites which include articles from trusted national and local newspapers but are used to spread spurious news and hyper-partisan messages by making the sources seem credible through their appearance alongside genuine news. These sites also generate advertising revenue which, in turn, takes money away from legitimate local and national newspapers, causing them to face financial difficulties and, in some cases, to close altogether. Ultimately, this affects you.

We Are News is a public benefit project which does not engage in either of these practices. SOCINT pays for this website so no adverts need to be featured, giving you access to your national and local news from trusted sources without costing the news providers money and, in fact, bringing you back to them as readers.

We have also created a special segment for hyper-partisan news and spurious news sources so you can more readily distinguish them and see the difference between genuine reporting and what is often nothing more than propaganda.

News is an important part of our society: it tells us about the world around us and is a central part of local community life. We’ve had enough of fake news and we are sure you have too.